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Art, craft and design

Art and creativity are a fundamental part of education at AISR and can be found in some part in all of the school's classrooms. The skills of drawing, painting and construction are often hard to learn and take time to pick-up. The department's teachers appreciate that a student's individual abilities and progression are to be celebrated and built upon, aiming for improvement over time.

Elementary Art - Creative Curriculum and IPC

Our program is based upon the International Primary Schools Curriculum (IPC) which is structured around the thematic investigation of the Elements and Principles of Art, Craft and Design and how artists develop their ideas and approaches to the subjects. Early years, Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten lessons, are influenced by the Creative Curriculum, which shares a thematic based learning structure with the IPC.

Our students are encouraged to investigate and explore various art techniques, concepts and ideas. Through careful teaching, they are also encouraged to develop a sense of enjoyment and excitement with the subject, as they make and display their artistic ability to others through individual and group work. 'Creativity' balanced by the study of art 'tradition' is at the heart of our instruction.

Students are given the opportunity to learn:

  • To work with various tools, processes and media.
  • To coordinate their hands and minds in an exploration of visual and tactile art,craft and design.
  • To make choices that can enhance the communication of their ideas.
  • To ask questions about the world's appearance and it many symbols.
  • The value of perseverance and effort.

Middle School Art - IMYC

Our program is based upon the International Middle Schools Curriculum (IMYC) which is structured around a thematic investigation of the Elements and Principles of Art, Craft and Design and how artists develop their ideas and approaches to the subjects. This in turn directs the work of the students towards producing well-developed work of their own. The program incorporates techniques of working from both observation and imagination, alongside which students develop skills of critically analyzing both their own work and the work of others.

High School Art and I.B.

The Visual Arts courses provide students with the elements, techniques and principles of art along with learning to use various art mediums including computers. Students will develop a sense of awareness with the outside world through art and design. Collaborative curriculum will provide connections between visual arts and other courses and will increase their interest in other subjects like science, language art, math, music and computers. Students will learn to analyze artists' works and be able to talk about them. Students will explore drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, art history, graphic design, CI design, photography, collage, illustration, editorial design and poster design. Completed art work provides students with a sense of accomplishment; their creations prepare them for their transition to other art forms.

The IB Visual Arts course is a two-year course which offers the students a unique opportunity to formulate their own personal insights, experiments and statements about life experiences and their reaction to world events, problems and phenomena through the language of the Visual Arts. The student is free to choose their topic, theme or concept and the media they will use to express it through.

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